OPENHIVE is a versatile hosted and managed suite of products and services delivering personalised learning within one environment.

Simply access e-learning


OPENHIVE provides the solution to the technical challenges of identity management and Single Sign-On, enabling your users, to simply access e-learning and other web applications. Through simple web interface and MIS integration OPENHIVEiD ingests information on your users and populates it to other OPENHIVE applications and supported 3rd party services.

The ultimate in choice and flexibility

OPENHIVE central

Choose individual applications or use them all together for a truly integrated experience that will meet and exceed the aspirations of your teachers, support staff, learners and parents. OPENHIVE is ideal for primary and secondary schools, academies, Building Schools for the Future, clusters, federations and local authorities.

Versatile set of in-school ICT services

OPENHIVE provides a fully integrated Cloud based managed learning environment paired with the managed connectivity and ISP services which enable them. The ISP services cover web filtering, antivirus, backup, and Single Sign-On.

OPENHIVE delivers cloud platform services to more than 250,000 pupils in 600 schools and like SIMS, is provided by Capita.

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Where else is OPENHIVE

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