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Credit repurchase: a quarter of French people feel financially fragile.

An Omnibus YouGov survey asked French people about their perception of their financial situation. And only 4% of respondents consider that they are really comfortable financially.

The result of this survey is not alarming since the majority of French people (69%) consider themselves neither poor nor wealthy. They are even rather ” happy with their situation “, explains the survey. To summarize, 4% define themselves as rich and 23% as poor.

The notion of wealth is very subjective

The notion of wealth is very subjective

But from what income do they consider themselves rich? What appears, in the light of this survey, is that the French do not have the same vision of wealth. They are even “very divided” on the issue. From 7,000 USD net, they consider themselves to be wealthy. But “the answers are still quite disparate and do not necessarily have a logical link with the distribution of wages in France”.

  • 9% between 1,500 and 2,999 USD,
  • 14% between 3000 and 3999 USD,
  • 15% between 4000 and 4999 USD,
  • 20% between 5,000 and 6,999 USD,
  • 11% between 7000 USD and 9999 USD,
  • 25% more than 10,000 USD,
  • and 6% do not know when to consider themselves wealthy.

To have more income, but not if it’s to pay more taxes

To have more income, but not if it

The better they earn their living, “the more the French believe they pay too much tax, a logical link when you know that more than 70% of the amount of income tax is paid by the 10% of the richest French”. And the desire to pay less tax is shared by both CSP + (64%) and CSP- (46%).  

56% of those questioned believe that they pay too much tax. So even if they want to earn more it goes hand in hand with the change of tax bracket. So they dream of wealth, but it comes at a cost. that of the taxes which they do not seem necessarily ready to pay.

Good advice on credit consolidation:

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