OPENHIVEcentral live for Leicester City Schools

August 18, 2014

Following a summer of testing OPENHIVE are pleased to announce that OPENHIVEcentral is available for all 116 schools or approximately 13,500 users in Leicester City who will start using this as their new launchpad for online services from the start of the new term.

OPENHIVEcentral provides a single place for users to find links not only to OPENHIVE provided services but also services integrated with OPENHIVEpass single sign-on services and other websites used by the individual schools.

Designed to work on multiple devices, OPENHIVEcentral offers a much more flexible launchpad than had previously been offered, with schools able to add their own links in addition to those configured by the local authority.

Posted on August 18, 2014 @ 5:46 pm