Below is a selection comments and feedback from just some of the schools using OPENHIVEmle to improve teaching and learning:

Grove Vale Primary

“It’s really easy once you get started” Yr6 Pupil

“We simply couldn’t live without it now. It’s an essential tool for communication, planning, monitoring, assessment and tracking” Acting Head Teacher

“OPENHIVE is a fundamental tool for our school; it’s actually included in our teacher’s job descriptions” Acting Head Teacher

“We have seen a big improvement in communication between pupils and teachers; especially via the secure chat tool” Yr6 teacher

“If we have staff on unplanned leave, the other teachers can simply fill in and know instantly what the class is working on by using Portal” Acting Head Teacher

“Its been a great tool for communicating with our parents. During the annual residential trip, pupils have been able to create blogs and upload photos as their only means of communicating with their parents” Acting Head Teacher


Crocketts Community Primary

 “I always use the Portal in my lessons when I’m being inspected by Ofsted and I have never got less than Outstanding – really gives the wow factor and demonstrates whole class involvement”  Yr6 Teacher

“It provides such an easy way to get a snapshot and evidence of learning outcomes” Yr6 Teacher

“It’s the backbone of our school” Head Teacher

“We use the Wiki tool all the time. Our School Council recently used it to gather pupil questions and post responses from the relevant staff members. Smethwick Inspired Partnerships noted this and have made Ofsted aware of this innovative use of technology” Yr6 Teacher


Jubilee Park Primary

“Portal has really aided communications; reducing the number of interruptions to classes and avoiding pupils running round school with notes for teachers” Head Teacher

“If you want to know anything you just go to the Portal. Staff have now stopped asking me where they can find documents or information” Head Teacher

“During the Iceland ash cloud I was stuck in Thailand for two weeks. But with the help of an internet café and anytime access to Portal I was able to effectively run my school and manage my staff remotely. I now don’t need to be in the school to know what’s happening – it’s like having a virtual school!” Head Teacher


Victoria Park Primary

“We use Portal to showcase our student’s media work; we have a section called VPmedia that hosts a library of films produced by the students. This allows them to show their work to their peers and parents” Head Teacher

“Our school magazine, VPzine is created via students collaborating on Portal and then the finished ‘turn-page’ pdf is then published there too” Head Teacher

Albert Pritchard Infant School (federated with Wood Green Junior)

 Portal and Mail have been key to communication as our school is split over two sites; it’s really helped bring the two schools together” Head Teacher

“All my staff now use Portal as their central information point for planning, assessment and school policy. We simply couldn’t function without the central calendars” Head Teacher

“It’s our main starting point for class resources; with all topic and theme details, links and questions hosted in the relevant year groups. We also use it to allocate House points, manage clubs and run the School Council” Head Teacher


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