Yahoo and Bing moving Search to SSL

January 29, 2015

Following the changes Google made to their Search solutions last year and the accompanying OPENHIVE update, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft) now appear to be changing their search to use SSL for search results by default.

Why is this change significant?

Yahoo have already removed access to search using HTTP and are redirecting queries to HTTPS (SSL) unlike Google they have not implemented a mechanism to enforce SafeSearch. Bing have enabled the HTTPS (SSL) services but are not yet redirecting all queries, this is a change expected soon however Microsoft have not published a timetable for this.

How will this affect me?

Many OPENHIVE customers will not notice this change. So long as you have the Advanced SSL services enabled for your site on OPENHIVEwebshield then your search results will continue to be filtered.

If your site does not have Advanced SSL then we would recommend you visit the OPENHIVE Support Site for information on how this can be enabled to ensure all search results are filtered for inappropriate content.

What is OPENHIVE changing?

With this change OPENHIVE will not be making any changes to our infrastructure or service as we continue to encourage all customers to enable the Advanced SSL filtering.

What if I want to use non-SafeSearch?

Following these changes by Google, Yahoo and Bing non-SSL search we expect other search engines to also follow suit.

If you wish to use an un-filtered search facility you will have to use another search engine. We don’t endorse any particular search engine, there are many that are available.

Posted on January 29, 2015 @ 10:24 am